9% value added tax is added to the total rent of the booth.
The standard exhibition equipment includes the structure, inscription on the door, carpet, electrical outlet, standard lighting, a table and two chairs for every 18 square meters.
Rial tariffs are only related to domestic companies that introduce domestic goods and brands in the exhibition.
Exhibition services include entering participants’ information in the electronic book of the exhibition, inviting expert visitors, exhibitor cards and commemorative plaques.
Placement priority is based on the time of registration and booth fee payment.
Delivery of the booth is possible in case of full settlement and having a settlement sheet from the headquarters of the exhibition.
The booth builder contractor is obliged to comply with the instructions, rules and regulations of the exhibition center and the exhibition organizer and pay the relevant fees.
It is forbidden to give or rent a part of the booth to someone else, and if the entire space of the booth is seen, it will be sealed.